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Jena Junior High School

LaSalle Parish School Board

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    Parent Conferences will be held by phone Thursday, October 8 from 3:30-6:30pm.You will receive a phone call from your child's homeroom teacher.  (It may come from an unknown or blocked number.)

    Student Elections / Class Favorites / Class Officers

    For students to be elected, they must meet the following criteria:
    Students must possess a 3.0 GPA for Class President and Most Likely to Succeed
    Students must possess a 2.5 GPA for Mr./Miss JJHS
    Students must possess a 2.0 GPA for all other positions

    Run offs will be held when no student holds 51% or more of the vote.  Run offs will always be between the top two candidates after the initial voting.

    Students having been assigned ISS/LPAS within the last six weeks prior to voting are not eligible. 

    Students must have attended JJHS for at least one semester prior to election.

    Nominations will take place during 1st period.  Any student not possessing the required GPA will be eliminated prior to voting.  Each first period class will send the names of 2 boys and 2 girls as nominees.  Class favorites will be nominated and voted on according to the following criteria:

    Mr./Miss JJHS – Nominated in 8th grade homerooms and voted on by 8th grade class.
    Most Athletic – Nominated by 8th  grade homerooms & voted on by 8th  grade class.* (must participate in JJHS sports)
    Wittiest – Nominated and voted on by 8th grade.*
    Best All Around – Nominated and voted on by 8th grade.*
    Most Likely to Succeed – Nominated and voted on by the faculty.*
    Class Officers/Student Council – Nominated and voted on by each grade.  Must have and maintain 3.0 GPA. 
    Beauties and Handsomes – Nominated in 6th, 7th and 8th grades and voted on by their respective classes (3 Beauties and 3 Handsomes; A beauty and handsome will be selected from each grade. Students must have attended our feeder school(s)  at least one semester prior to voting. 6th GPMS, 8th FES)

    Each grade will elect class officers, consisting of President, Vice-President, and Secretary.  Students will sign up in the office and voting will take place during 1st period.  Students elected as Class Favorites (Mr./Miss JJHS, Most Athletic, Wittiest, Best All Around, and Most Likely to Succeed) are not allowed to hold another Class Favorite position.  Students elected as Class Officers/Student Council are allowed to hold that position, in addition to a Class Favorite position.  Beauties and Handsomes are also allowed to hold a Class Favorite position. 

    Oct lunch

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    Memos from the office:

    • Even if your child did not earn the PBIS reward, they should be at school on PBIS days.  The events rarely disrupt more than 1 or 2 classes.  All other classes proceed as usual.  (Remember: Absences count against them on the next PBIS, as well.)

    • Please click on the link to the left to become informed on the parish policy regarding student fees, fines, and charges.



    PE Uniform: $20.00

    The PE fee is for a uniform to be worn during PE classes. See details below regarding payment.

    Method of Payment: Check or Cash (Make checks out to JJHS)

    Method of Collection:  PE fees should be paid to the PE teachers.

    Due Dates: PE uniform money should be paid for by the third week of school.

    If payments are not met by the due dates, then a request for payment will be sent home for all accounts unpaid by the end of the 1st six weeks.

    Unpaid Fee Collection – If payments are not made by the due date, a request for payment will be made in writing stating the original deadline of the fee and give 5 school days from the date of the notice for the parent to pay the fee or submit an economic hardship waiver to the Principal.Unpaid Fee Collection – If payments are not made by the due date, a request for payment will be made in writing stating the original deadline of the fee and give 5 school days from the date of the notice for the parent to pay the fee or submit an economic hardship waiver to the Principal.

    Contact Kylie Andrews  Kylie Andrews 8th Grade Written Expression
    Contact Melissa Andrews  Melissa Andrews 6th grade Math
    Contact Casie Bradford  Casie Bradford Assistant Principal
    Contact Ingrid Byers  Ingrid Byers 6th grade Science
    Contact Jeremy Cassels  Jeremy Cassels Assistant Principal
    Contact Dareth Champlin  Dareth Champlin Special Education
    Contact Bobbie Cornett  Bobbie Cornett Math Remediation
    Contact Elizabeth Douglas  Elizabeth Douglas 7th grade Written Expression
    Contact Stephanie Elliott  Stephanie Elliott 6th Grade Social Studies
    Contact Lewis Evans  Lewis Evans 8th grade Math
    Contact Ashley Gibson  Ashley Gibson Gifted/Talented
    Contact Shannon Girlinghouse  Shannon Girlinghouse Librarian
    Contact Angel Girod  Angel Girod 7th grade ELA
    Contact Kaitlyn Harville  Kaitlyn Harville 6th grade Reading
    Contact Kelsie Jolly  Kelsie Jolly Physical Education
    Contact Michelle Jones  Michelle Jones CMC
    Contact Oleva Jones  Oleva Jones Secretary
    Contact Mistin McGuffee  Mistin McGuffee 8th grade Science
    Contact Melanie McLendon  Melanie McLendon 7th grade Social Studies
    Contact Gerri Miles  Gerri Miles 8th Grade Social Studies
    Contact Loretta Smith  Loretta Smith 7th grade Science
    Contact Renea Smith  Renea Smith 6th grade ELA
    Contact Andrew Strong  Andrew Strong Physical Education
    Contact Adam Taylor  Adam Taylor ISS
    Contact Laura Thomas  Laura Thomas 7th grade Reading
    Contact Kayla Tolbert  Kayla Tolbert 8th grade Math
    Contact Chantel Towell  Chantel Towell 7th grade Math